How did Black Desert Resort lure the PGA TOUR & LPGA Tour back to Utah?

By: July 24, 2023

One of the ways to build trust and interest in a golf club is to offer highly personalized and relevant experiences.

It is absolutely imperative to have a deep understanding of your potential guests’ expectations, needs, and goals.

When considering a new service, offer, or event for your golf club, evaluating the potential return it could bring is important.

Black Desert Resort - Photo by Brian Oar

Who wouldn’t be interested in playing on a golf course that meets the standards of the PGA TOUR and is one of their annual tournament locations? The Black Desert Resort is confident in the attractiveness of being/becoming a PGA TOUR & LPGA Tour event’s host venue.

After a 60-year absence, Black Desert Resort is bringing both PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour golf tournaments back to Utah.

It must have been quite a challenge to persuade both the PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour to include the recently – May 27, 2023 – opened golf course.

The Black Desert Championship will be part of the PGA TOUR’s 2024 FedExCup Fall as a full-field event, while the LPGA Tour will visit Black Desert Resort in the spring of 2025.

For St. George and Greater Zion Community, the economic impact of hosting multiple professional events is expected to top $60 million per year.

Black Desert Resort golf course

As part of the 4-year agreement with the PGA TOUR, Black Desert Resort will begin hosting the Black Desert Championship in the fall of 2024.

The 2024 PGA TOUR Season will begin in January with the FedExCup Regular Season, followed by three FedExCup Playoffs events in August, and the FedExCup Fall starting in September.

Black Desert Resort’s agreement with the LPGA Tour is for 5 years, beginning in the spring of 2025. The respective tours in the coming months will announce tournament dates for both events.

What does Black Desert Resort mean by unexpected luxury?

These days, many marketing people use various versions of luxury in their marketing activities, such as true luxury, casual luxury, ultra-premium, premium, etc. I also hear everyone has a right to access luxury.

This takes away the essence of luxury! Do NOT confuse premium with luxury! Let me give you an example Ralph Lauren and Coach look like luxury but actually are masstige companies.

If we take it that way, Rolex is not a luxury brand because it is not handmade. Nevertheless, Rolex remains an iconic luxury watch brand.

An IPSOS study in 2020 found the following expectations and perceptions of luxury products & services:

  • Offer real added value.
  • It is a privilege.
  • Luxury contributes to well-being.

This was worth mentioning because the Black Desert Resort positions itself as an unexpected place of luxury.

I believe the Black Desert Resort is not a luxury golf resort but a premium one. I don’t think it could compete with European luxury golf resorts like

What do you think about this? Can Black Desert Resort be considered a luxury golf resort? Explain it!