How does ClubstoHire boost Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort’s revenue efficiently?

By: October 10, 2023

A frequent topic in recent years is how to create new sources of revenue for our golf clubs. Another urgent topic is enhancing and developing the customer experience for our golf club guests and members.

I was inspired to learn about the decade-long partnership between Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort (PGA National Cyprus) and ClubstoHire through my quest to discover a best practice that could benefit other golf clubs or resorts.

Andrew Darker, Director of Golf at Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort (PGA National Cyprus), passionately shared the details of their collaboration and the reasons behind their partnership with ClubstoHire.

ClubstoHire Franchise opportunities

What is the demand for golf equipment rental among Aphrodite Hills Golf’s (PGA  National Cyprus) guests?

Our traveling golfers love being able to rent high-quality sets from ClubstoHire at Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort.  Many of them must take 2 flights to arrive here and pay €200 to carry their clubs on the plane. 

We have rented 4,000 sets since we started our relationship.  ClubstoHire also promotes Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort to their worldwide database.

What convinced you to become a ClubstoHire partner golf resort?

ClubstoHire provides the rental sets, so we do not have to worry about purchasing sets, and this helps our cash flow.  We like that they also take care of the booking process and customer service.

Do your guests rent golf clubs to try the latest golf equipment models?

Some clients appreciate trying out new technology [editor: new golf club models], but people rent with us mainly because of the convenience and the reliability of knowing we can help them.  We have many returning guests.

Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort golf course in sunset ClubstoHire
Credit: Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort / Jacob Sjöman.

How much revenue growth do you expect from the cooperation with ClubstoHire?

Since 2010, we have grown every year and now have 70 sets available to rent.  This has helped bring many new golfers to our golf resort who may not have visited us.

In what other ways does ClubstoHire assist Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort to succeed?

We provide up-to-date rental stock and refresh it regularly.  We also provide an easy-to-use booking system so that golfers can easily see Aphrodite Hills as a location. 

Once clients have booked, the resort communicates with the golfers, so they clearly understand the process of collecting and returning their clubs

We regularly promote the resort in our database (54,000 email addresses) and on social media.

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Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort golf course ClubstoHire partnership
Credit: Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort / Jacob Sjöman