How could Players 1st convince Golf Australia to partner with him?

By: October 16, 2023

Players 1st‘s fruitful collaboration with England Golf and Scottish Golf has resulted in a new partnership with another national golf organization, namely Golf Australia.

It is a great step forward not only for Players 1st but for the Australian golf clubs, too.

In a world where golfers and other golf club guests expect us to be heard and understood, fundamental gaps in listening, empathy, and personalization are causing many difficulties.

We must listen to our customers’ explicit and implicit inputs. This requires continuous learning from golf clubs.

I can only hope that Golf Australia will prioritize employee experience measurement since our golf club employees have the biggest impact on the customer experience available in a golf club.

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Players 1st: How did the collaboration come about?

After a successful pilot earlier this year, Players 1st and Golf Australia have entered into a partnership to offer the Players 1st customer experience management platform as a central support tool to the federation’s affiliated clubs.

Over the last six months, 15 golf clubs in Australia have utilized the Players 1st platform to survey their members, with some clubs extending this to their guests, providing a better understanding of their customers’ specific needs.

With some clubs achieving a remarkable response rate higher than 70%, the feedback and results dashboard has provided them with some initial areas of interest for improvement based on their customer satisfaction levels.

A total of more than 4,000 responses were collated during the initial roll-out, initiating the establishment of local and national benchmarks that will start to provide a comprehensive understanding of satisfaction levels among Australian golfers.

This customer-centric feedback approach has exceeded expectations, resulting in a new partnership between Players 1st and Golf Australia.