What results has the Golf Genius and BRS Golf cooperation brought so far?

By: November 14, 2023

Golf Genius, the leading provider of cloud-based golf software solutions, has announced year-on-year growth of its integrated competition management and tee time solution in partnership with BRS Golf.

In 2020, the two companies formed a strategic collaboration to provide golf facilities with a combined, best-in-class solution that offers more choice to every golf facility seeking greater efficiency and value.

Golf Genius x BRS 2023

The reported figures in product adoption and usage across GB&I demonstrate fast-growing acceptance of this value offering amongst golf facilities. The report includes:

  • 12,500 Golf events powered by the BRS Golf & Golf Genius product;
  • 500,000 Golfing rounds powered by the BRS Golf & Golf Genius product.

The BRS Golf & Golf Genius product is fully integrated software that golf clubs can use to manage their tee sheet and competitions.

It combines the BRS Golf members booking website and mobile app with Golf Genius’ Tournament Management product to create a single sign-on (SSO) solution for golfers.

Golf Genius will make additional investments in the product, including the release of a new ‘Event Dashboard+’ feature for competition organizers, enhancements to the Score Input Terminal to cater for more formats and competition preferences, and introducing a preferred hardware supplier.

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