Guess how much Toptracer has boosted Mearns Castle’s business!

By: June 11, 2024

Mearns Castle saw marginal gains in the first year after the installation, increasing its yearly golf balls hit to just over 4 million.

The next year, with Toptracer’s product improving and gaining traction, turnover was up 25% in the Glasgow driving range, and growth continued steadily through 2020.

2020 brought challenges worldwide, and whilst the initial lockdowns in Scotland hampered business, the long-term impact of golf’s wider growth has certainly been felt at Mearns Castle – the number of range balls hit on the range now tops 10 million per year, a growth of over 150% on pre-Toptracer numbers.

Mearns Castle Golf Academy Toptracer Range with food

Russell Gray, General Manager at Mearns Castle, commented on how Toptracer has helped the business succeed in the last four years:

Toptracer allowed us to ride that golf participation wave during 2020 and 2021, and maximise revenue during a really strange time.

We put up numbers in those years that I don’t think we will ever repeat, and that was almost entirely thanks to Toptracer that we were able to do that.”

The increase in traffic to the range has benefitted the wider business in more ways than one. The on-site café is more popular than ever, and bookings for the venue’s conference, meeting, and party rooms have climbed dramatically.

On the golf side of the business, the on-site golf course now has almost 20% more tee time bookings than pre-pandemic levels, golf memberships are up, and the venue’s in-house golf professionals are regularly fully booked.

Mearns Castle Golf Academy Toptracer Range with practicing golfers

The venue has also seen an increase in non-golfers using the facility, calculating a 50/50 split between golfers and non-golfers of all demographics across various ages and abilities.

In particular, the venue has noticed a significant uptick in 20 to 35-year-olds visiting the driving range and increased numbers of female customers.

“Their software and experience are constantly being upgraded with new games, new features, and more – and that comes basically every quarter, ensuring that there’s something fresh and exciting for the customer.

What Toptracer gives the driving range is really something unique and high quality to market and to sell to people.” added Gray.

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