Golf Equipment Industry in social media

By: August 28, 2009

Recently I found Burson-Marsteller's study how Fortune 100 companies are using social media. Unfortunately non of the major golf equipment producers are on this list. However golf equipment manufacturers should pay attention to this new phenomenon.

Fortune 100 companies with a Twitter, Facebook or Blog Presence

This founding caused me to think about social media. As men of the street have a pool of information about almost everything, they will NOT trust and pay attention to corporate and brand communication messages. At the very same time the importance of networking on personal and community/group level gained momentum. So next time when somebody plans to replace or buy a new golf equipment or golf club membership, he will not check what the ads of Titleist, Nike or TaylorMade but their buddies, somebody from their peer group.

So when we are planning our next campaign or strategy for 2010 it is beneficial to embrace social media. The communication via on any above mentioned channels can be efficient if your number followers are high (here I mean over 4-5 thousand people). The number of followers also indicate your power to influence and be the most important voice in your industry and in your particular product category. 

Második kép Fortune 100ról 

The popularity of Twitter is derived from the flexibility to set up in a very short period of time and find significant number of followers. As I see it gives golf equipment companies and golf brands alike the opportunity to directly interact with and disseminate information to members/supporters/friends. The atmosphere of such communication channel/platform provides the opportunity to create an intimate relationship with our customers.

In my next post I will summarize my findings about golf equipment brands in Twitter, Facebook and blogs.