Words you should not use on your website

By: December 14, 2009

Recently I a came a cross with a golf equipment company, Asbri. As it was not clear for me for first sight what are they exactly (are they producing promotional materials, gadgets or what?) offering, therefore I entered to the company profile menu.

I was expecting from such company to write something more witty to convince me that they are small, but smart and unique. Instead of this, they I read many PR and marketing jargon like

  • "passion for design and innovation",
  • "highly experienced and respected team of designers that are always striving for improved designs and technology",
  • "to ensure our products are of high quality, innovative and offer value for money".

Do you think this is the way convince anybody about you products? Did you read the book of Al Ries about Positioning?? At this moment I think you are just one of the million and nothing more. Last but not least, people are sick of such statements. This is one of the reasons why advertisers' credibility is declining and peer group members' credibility is increasing.