Wrestlers on golf courses

By: February 20, 2010

We would think golf is a peaceful sport and game, but there are companies that think differently. Namely, Armourbite came out with a teeth-protector. To justify themselves, they say (and it is true in general) that when we train and compete, our natural reaction is to clench our jaw. Our clenched jaw and teeth compress our temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and may trigger the release of performance-sapping substances that contribute to fatigue. Here is how this Armourbite teeth-protector looks like:


I am asking myself when was the last time, when I really needed some kind of teeth-protector during my golf play or even when I played basketball. NEVER. I can only come up with one situation and it has nothing to do with sport: sleeping. Yes I am living a stressful life in my job, where I have to achieve certain sales targets in each every month. My girlfriend will be happy, because she will not hear when I am gnashing my teeth during the night. I am already equipped with Respir Activ against snoring. If so, why Armourbite is advertising in Golf Magazine (February 2010, page 33; 1/1 ad). Please do not fool me!! 🙂