Over communication of golf equipment brands

By: April 5, 2010

Many people are giving different interpretation of over communication, in my case it is about exaggerated frequency of communication. In marketing communication text books you will find chapters about the desired number of frequency of communication messages. They say if people meet 4-5 times with your brand/product/service message, it is enough to be able to remember.

How this is connecting to the golf industry and within it to golf equipment brands' communication? As loyal reader of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, I am getting sick and tired of meeting with well known brands (Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Nike Golf, Cobra, Cleveland Golf) double and single page ads in every single copy. I can tell you in advance of a year what kind of print ads will be in Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, so you do not have to by Kantar Media's service media monitor. LOL.

What I want so say is advertisers will not gain the desired reaction (higher awareness, brand preference etc.) rather the opposite. At the very same time I do not see the utility for such companies as SkyGolf to advertise in print media. But this is different issue. In case of golf fitting systems like Mizuno's the same ideas apply. Since these products and services are more technology focused than a golf club or a golf ball. To transmit product features and to enable the prospect to compare with others it is easier online than in print media. Just think about video ads…