Golf shaft opitimization by Titleist and Mizuno

By: June 20, 2010

Just like online content, golf shafts are also becoming more personalized and optimized to our needs. Within a year two well-known golf equipment manufacturers Titleist and Mizuno came up with golf shaft optimizers. Chris McGinley, vice president of marketing worldwide for Titleist golf clubs says "The key to maximizing a player's ability to get fit properly……It allows us to improve a player's strengths while we identify and address weaknesses." (from Global Golf Post, June 14, 2010) I will not buy this marketing bla-bla!! It is the minimum that the golf clubs and golf shafts are optimized to my golf play. It is also a mutual interest that our golf shafts are optimized. If you have success in your golf play you will play more, but if you have too many double bogeys or even worse you will start to look for a new hobby. 🙁 Not to mention if you want to increase your share of wallet at your customers golf shaft optimization could be a good start and solution. To increase your share of wallet, the first thing you should do is to find out what factors influence purchasing behaviors among your customer base. I am not sure that most of us is ready to pay for golf shaft optimization 4,100 USD (2 day session at Titleist).

Unfortunately, we still have to wait a little, when golf shaft optimization will be a free service like air-conditioner is free feature in you car. At this moment only Titleist provides such services in Europe (UK/England, Ireland, Scotland).

Here is Mizuno's shaft optimizer software in action: