Golf club grip that knows your hand

By: September 24, 2012

Last week I mentioned Callaway Golf's udesign system that helps you to get the best Callaway golf clubs. It seems to me that the leading golf equipment manufacturers grasping the need of customized products. I still miss the opportunity of co-creation with customers (e.g. IBM & Linux) as part of the product development process. I think golf club and golf club grip fitting is just the last stage of the sales process and the production.

Anyway, I was happy to find Lamkin's golf club grip customization solution. In 4 steps you can now what kind of golf club grip fits you the most. First step is to tell your golf grip size (you have 2 choices). I chose the lazy one and said I have got a midsize hand. Second step define in what weather you play the most. 3rd step you define surface texture. In the last/4th step you choose how firm should be the golf grip.

Even if you prefer other brand than Lamkin it is also a good education about golf club grips:

Lamking golf grip 2