Nike Golf clubs with tracking sensors

By: September 12, 2012

Nike long time ago came out with a running app that maps our running, how we are performing. Now Nike Golf made a bold and clever step and introduced recently a golf swing analyzer. Nike Golf club heads will have a plurality of sensors for detecting one or more swing parameters. Nike Golf still do not know when will be launched this new golf club.

Nike golf with sensors

What is more interesting is the potential impact on the golf swing analyzer application market and golf club sales. Such feature can be considered as a tangible added value service. This simplifies the whole golf learning and development process. It is like "hole in one".

The real value what Nike Golf can get from this is the insight about their customers, namely how, when (+frequency) and where they play. This can help them to develop more sophisticated golf clubs truely based on our golf play. It will help Nike Golf to select the most lucrative golf courses where worth to sell. This is just top of the iceberg, but golf club manufacturers must start to think what are those added value services that can generate more sales. Nowdays, I think there are no big differences among the leading golf club brands (Callaway Golf, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, Cobra Golf, Mizuno etc.), thus it is hard to differentiate between them.