TaylorMade tries to stay relevant

By: September 26, 2012

During the last US Open I came across with an interesting personalized communication solution from TaylorMade. Before I would explain what TaylorMade had done, let me share with you my social media experience. We are clicking on LIKE buttons everywhere. This results too much not necessarily relevant and useful information. It seems to me however that in the last couple of years we (=connected consumers) started to improve the quality of our social graph.  What we want is meaingful connections and highly personalized inbound information. This is how the importance of context is growing in the business of engagement. We marketer has to work hard on connected experiences to creaete shared emotions and thoughts with our cusotmers and prospects.

TaylorMade came to the same conclusion. They tried to be relevant customers even during the US Open 2012 by creating a social hub. We all know how people are passionate about their teams and players and they want to interact with them. So why should not we take advantage of it to capture conversations and early adopters??

TaylorMade's Twitter account was embeded in the website (see picture below). I assume that they thought everybody who is interested in this tournament in Twitter will use #USOpen hashtag to find more information. TaylorMade basically entered to these people's conversation. I do not want to explain every part of this page, just to highlight how you can make your brand relevant to those people who are your prospects or already your customers by using such a simple technique.

TaylorMade social hub