World Hickory Open Championship is coming

By: September 11, 2012

Two years ago I had already written a post about hickory golf. Recently I came across with an article about hickory golf championship. As you can assume this press release was not published in a leading golf magazine or website.

I asked myself why people would be interested in playing golf with pre 1935 or pre 1900 golf clubs and golf balls?? What is the problem with our edgy golf clubs and golf balls? In Geoff Shackelford's The Future of Golf I found an interesting quote from Bobby Jones that has raised my interest and probably can give answer to my previous question: "I believe it is true that with modern equipment and modern players, we cannot make a golf course more difficult or more testing for the expert simply by adding length."

So, those who are more interested in how tho tackle with the challanges of golf courses created either by mother nature or by a good golf course architect and not just how to hit farther they will play hickory golf.

US Professional Hickory Golf Championship

Next month will be held the 8th World Hickory Open Championship between 8th and 9th October. The golfers will use pre-1935 golf clubs