Do you believe in low compression golf balls?

By: January 2, 2013

I am always skeptical when I read about "product of the year" or about any similar titles. It is also true regarding golf balls (check out my previous post about On the website of I came across with Wilson Staff's popular Wilson Staff DUO golf ball. This golf ball was recognized by as one of the TOP5 golf balls (also Wilson Staff D:25) in the low compression golf balls category (see picture below).

Wilson Staff Duo in yellow

To the men of the street, I assume the phrase of low compression golf balls does not say a lot. Although it would be great to know such technical insight. The compression rating of golf balls ranges from 70 to 110, but the complate scale goes from 0 to 200. In case of Wilson Staff DUO it is 40. Some people say that compression ratings was important in 1990s and 1980s. But is still true that low compression golf balls are good for novice golfers (e.g. like me) or people with slower golf swing or slower golf club head. If you are still want to know the rating of your golf ball then you can find it on the cover of the golf ball. You should decide what is more important to you the distance or the controling the golf ball. However if you are a beginner then both can be hard, but at least you will have more focus on controling your golf ball. Wilson Staff is promising an optimal control of their Wilson Staff DUO golf ball. What is optimal and for who?  According to DUO Drop Test, the seamless 302 dimple pattern produces consistent ball flight, while an Ionomer cover generates high-lift characteristics on tee shots and long approaches from the fairway. Let's check it out! 🙂

Wilson Duo Yellow Golf Ball
Recently, I came across with a new golf ball trend that golf equipment manufacturers are producing golf balls (e.g. Srixon Z-star, Callway HEX Chrome, Titleist T Solo or Bridgestone E6 etc.) not only in white but also in neon yellow and pink. Now, Wilson Staff DUO golf balls are also available in yellow. Personally I do not think it will help us to find faster our golf balls, unlike you play with these Wilson Staff golf balls: 🙂


The bottom line is:

Every little help is welcomed, but the most important thing is to work hard on your golf swing techique. When Wilson Staff says we can reach optimal distance with Wilson Staff DUO golf balls, then we might risk that our golf ball will fly to the wrong direction due to our poor golf swing technique. Buy couple of low compression golf balls and check how do they work for you.