Ping’s sponsorship challenges with Michael Phelps

By: February 4, 2013

Last week I came across with the news the Ping signed a sponsorship deal with the olympian swimmer superstar Michael Phelps. John Solheim, Ping's chairman and chief executive officer expressed his hopes that "his global presence as a golfer will bring Ping tremendous exposure and just as importantly, shed additional light on the game in general."

How Ping is going to handle Phelp's problematic issues, such as controversal paying-of-tax or drug use etc.? Can his swimming achievements outshine these unfavorable events? Michael Phelps has already lost one of his sponsors: Kellog's. How much time he needs to get to the level of Bubba Watson or Lee Westwood? His 16-handicap is still far from the ideal level. He must com up with extraordinary performance to be more interesting for the media.

Michael Phelps with Ping Golf