Nike Golf blundering ad with Tiger Woods

By: March 31, 2013

Nike Golf came out recently with a really controversial and divisive ad stating: "Winning takes care of everything".

What does it tell to a common man like us?

If I am winning or winner then it will cover my past stumbles? Or it will heal my past mistakes? Definitely not. It can be only true (this is related to the game solely) if somebody had lost some games in the past and now he is winning again. If a communication message is so controversial and not clean-cut like this one then the marketer should find something better.

I think it is risky to associate a celebrity like Tiger Woods only on winning and losing. There should be other values and merits that can strengthen the brand image.

To the best of my knowledge past sponsors of Tiger Woods did not return to him (e.g. Accenture, TAG Heuer, Buick).

Nike Golf ad wt Tiger Woods