A miscarried Titleist promotion

By: April 18, 2013

I have just received from Titleist UK an eDM with a weird headline. I found something is strange in the wording of this headline: "loyalty is rewarded".

When we say we reward your brand loyalty aren't referring to purchases in the past? How do they know that I am playing with Titleist golf balls? As a matter of fact I am playing with Nassau QX and Nassau Pro Cyber.

Entering a pro shop and buying 3 boxes of golf balls it not necessarily means that I am loyalty to a specific brand. It can mean many things like I would like to take advantage of the special offer or I consider it a good time try out something new etc…

I am not a copywriter, but may be this headline would be better: Play more for less! This concept works well in Troon Golf's loyalty program (Troon Rewards). As Brett Brooks (Global communications manager) told me, 3 major findings of their survey was that people are looking for:

  1. benefits related to free rounds of golf;
  2. easy to understand and straightforward;
  3. rewards that are easy to redeem.

So I would try to go with that headline telling me my most important benefit: may game can be cheaper and I will afford to play more. Isn't it simple?

Titleist-loyalty is rewarded promotion