Callaway Golf partners with LinkedIn

By: April 24, 2013

So far I have not found reason to write explicitly about Callaway Golf. I "upbraided" Callaway Golf for not exploiting and utilizing social media (e.g. crowdsourcing). Yesterday Callaway Golf launched a social media networking campaign (as a matter of fact a sweepstakes "packed" in LinkedIn: for those who are legally residing and physically located in the US) in partnership with LinkedIn

The campaign is based on two obvious facts. We golfers tend to network during our game to develop our businesses. The other fact is LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with 200 million+ registered users. Just in the US there are 78 million+ users (=34% of the US online population). US is the largest "LinkedIn country" in the world (#2 – India, #3 – UK).

Callaway LinkedIn foursome

The original concept is to find 3 other golfers among your LinkedIn and Twitter contacts and submit the group for a chance to win a golf "business" trip that includes a custom club fitting at Callaway's California headquarters and a round of golf (+ you can test the new Callaway golf ball: HEX chrome golf balls). 

My conclusion:

Connected consumer can be a formidable foe or ally. A proactive investment in positive experience can be an influential consumer marketing and service. To connected consumers experience is everything. Callaway has good chances to win 2 moments of truth: the first moment is when we join the sweepstakes, the second when the winners will fly to Callaway's California headquarters.

A good start to catch up to TaylorMade who is quite strong in social media operations. It is a nice idea, although a little bit one-sided. Callaway Golf definitely will increase its database that will be good for future campaigns. 

I would also think about how business golfers could gain new business partners while playing golf "powered by Callaway". I am sure everybody has acquaintances who we know that they are golfers and we just need a good excuse to contact them.

If you like the idea then you can join here: The sweepstakes ends at 11:59 PDT on May 24, 2013.