Glide on golf course like Bubba Watson

By: April 3, 2013

Oakley and Bubba Watson teamed up for a special project called Bubba's Hover. Bubba's Hover is based on Neoteric Hovercraft's technology solution that enable us to fly smoothly over land or still water by rising above it all on a cushion of air.

Although this video (see below) is merely an advertisement for Oakley, it is a good lesson for golf cart manufacturers like Club Car and E-Z-GO. Let's be honest, there are no big differences between current golf carts that are available in the market. I would consider this technology to provide us better experience on golf courses as well. Who would not like to fly over a pond during his game?

While I am writing these lines I have to admit it is a great marketing action from Oakley to gain attention from golfers. In less than 20 hours there are 1,3 million findings in Google for "Bubba's Hover". I am sure that Bubba's Hover will get a big coverage by leading media outlets.