How to upgrade your Ping putters?

By: May 21, 2013

We tend to speak about putting as golf's game within the game. The putting stroke is the least complex of all the ways there are to swing a golf club. It requires no special strength, speed, size or artfulness. Unfortunately, many golfers underestimate due to its simplicity, the importance of a good putting.

It seems to me that Ping Golf is trying line up to its competitors who have already developed some mobile applications (TaylorMade, Puma Golf). Ping Golf's new mobile application iPING is a free app that runs on iPhone, iPods and also on Samsung Galaxy S III. To use the iPING mobile app you have to buy a PING cradle to be able to attach to your putter (+30 USD – cost). I assume you cannot use it on other putters.

IPING mobile application

As you can see in the photo above, iPING app analyzes your putting consistancy by 3 criteria: tempo, impact angle and stroke type. 

What I am missing from iPING mobile application?

  • Not facilitating conversation (aka two way communication).
  • They forgot to develop an engagement mechanism that would motivate to frequently use iPING mobile application.

I am not sure that is good to focus on one golf club type (e.g. driver or putter) in a mobile application.

What I liked in iPING mobile application?

It is available for Android and not just for iPhones and iPods. Once you know your stroke type and corresponding shaft label, tapping the “Recommend Putter” tab brings up a list of every current PING putter model that matches your stroke type. It is not clear from the description if you can buy via your mobile a new PING putter or not, but it would be a mutual benefit.