Nike Golf’s perception about golf

By: July 2, 2013

Recently I found an interesting quote in a Nike Golf print ad: "Nike Golf shoes are not for the game of golf. They are for the sport of golf. The sport of golf requires fitness. Training. Dedication."

It is a nice game with words. Although the difference between game and sport is not so big. Game is an activity engaged in for diversion or amusement. If we use and highlight the word sport then we say it is to amuse oneself. This sounds little bit selfish and egoist. I know it is little bit philosophical question.

Tell me if I am wrong, but I think for most of us golf is for fun and relaxation/diversion. For me golf is more about playing and not by all means rivalry. While I am writing this, it came to my mind that may be Nike Golf would like confirm and strengthen perception about golf that it is indeed a sport, just like tennis or football.

As a golfer I am responsible for my results solely. I agree with this saying. However, golf is more fun when you play with your friends and partners. This is why we have foursome, scramble etc.

Unlike as they promised in May, the Nike Golf TW 14 golf shoe is not available with NikeID (Here they promise the NikeID feature). The good things and inventions in this golf shoe are: ventilation (Geox techonology??) and Fylwire (the strings on the sides of the shoe for added supports).