Callaway Golf reinvents the spikeless golf shoes

By: November 1, 2013

In this year I have already discussed twice the topic of spikeless golf shoes. In March I wrote about the war between FootJoy and Softspikes and in August about Ashworth's spikeless golf shoes.

As we all know the bottleneck of all spikeless golf shoes is how to maximize traction as our weight transfers during the golf-swing. When I wrote those two posts I could not find out how they solve the issue of traction, unlike in Callaway Golf's case. I am little bit angry with myself for not asking from FootJoy and Ashworth what kind of technology they are using in their spikeless golf shoes.

Callaway Golf approached the traction issue in a complex way. They paid attention both to outsole and insole. 

Callaway Golf X-Cage golf shoe 1
To handle the problem of traction Callaway Golf cooperated Vibram  and developed the X-Vibe™ spikeless outsole. Vibram is a world leader in high performance rubber soles and compounds. I think if they are good for rock climbing or trekking then it can be a good solution to traction.

Callaway Golf X-Cage golf shoe 2
The following part will be interesting (especially) for those whose foot is not regular, like me who have flatfoot. No, Callaway Golf's X-Cage Vibe golf shoe is definitely not a orthopedic golf shoe on the contrary. By utilizing Superfeet's insole technology, X-Cage Vibe golf shoe will provide more stability and comfort.

Great job Callaway Golf! I hope I can try out this new golf shoe! What do you think?