Big Bertha driver in the footsteps of TaylorMade SLDR driver

By: December 30, 2013

In August I was happy to report about the new invention of TaylorMadenamely:

"SLDR driver incorporates a complete reinvention of TaylorMade’s movable weight technology (MWT), making it more effective and easier to use.  SLDR driver features a blue, 20-gram weight that slides on a track located on the front of the sole."

It seems to me Callaway Golf is following this trend by adding a more sophisticated version of movable weight technology called Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for maximum distance from a total performance driver. Big Bertha has 20% higher MOI for more forgiveness and almost infinite number of Draw and Fade bias options (see picture below). 

Big-bertha-driver final

  Big-bertha-driver-at-address final

Big-bertha-driver-crown-tee final

If you had the chance to play/try the new Big Bertha driver, then please share with me your experience.