Callaway invented the softest golf ball ever

By: January 11, 2014

The battle to invent the softest golf ball is keeps going on. In January 2013, I reported about Wilson Staff DUO golf balls that have a compression of 40 (out of 110 – but the complate scale ends at 200).

Now I can tell you there is a new golf ball (called SuperSoft) from Callaway Golf that has even lower compression of 38! Just like Wilson Staff DUO, Callaway's SuperSoft is also a 2-piece golf ball.

The Callaway SuperSoft golf ball has a polybutadiene core material and a trionomer blend cover material. A pattern of 332 geometries (Wilson Staff DUO has only 302) make up the HEX Aerodynamic technology that offers 100% surface area coverage.

I expect that Callaway Golf's new SuperSoft will fly/go further than Wilson Staff DUO as it has more dimples…and again we are entering a never ending debate about distance (vs golf course expansion)…but this post is not about this..

If you think Callaway SuperSoft is worth a try then you can buy a dozen in the US for $19.99

Callaway golf supersoft-dozen

Callaway Golf supersoft-side