Royal & Awesome in the lure of Facebook fans

By: February 15, 2014

I don't want to spoil the celebration of Royal & Awesome, because I know from my work how great to have 100,000 fans in Facebook.


Number of fans (see: reach) is an important social media KPI. However there are other KPIs that should be taken in consideration:

  1. audience engagement = comments+shares+likes/total views
  2. conversation reach = total people participating / total audience exposure
  3. active  advocates = # of active advocates (w/in past 30 days)/ total advocates
  4. advocate influence = unique advocate's influence / total advocate influence 
  5. Issue Resolution Rate = Total # issues resolved satisfactorily / total # service issues
  6. Resolution time = Total inquiry response time / total # service inquiries
  7. Share of positive, negative and neutral sentiment
  8. Sentiment by company and competitor
  9. Number of advocates

"People talking about this" is a good indicator of audience engagement. The drawbacks of this metric that you can see only seven days of engagement data, plus it does not give full insight into your page’s overall performance.

When Royal & Awesome is reporting about PTAT score of 2500 it can be a result of various events sposnored stories, advertising or negative cases as well (problem with the product or service). In my experience 2500 is an everage score.

If you are a Facebook page owner or community manager, it is good to know that since June 2013, PTAT is not logner a single digit number. Here are the components that you will find in Facebook Insights:


  • Page Likes.
  • People Engaged — the number of unique people who have clicked on, Liked, commented on, or shared your posts.
  • Page tags and mentions.
  • Page check-ins.
  • Other interactions on a page.