New Callaway Golf Apex irons are available

By: August 20, 2014

Callaway Golf Company announced last week their new Apex Muscleback and Apex Utility Irons. Both will be available for custom order online September 12, including on

Apex Muscleback irons

It is a new addition to the Apex Family. Callaway Golf designed Apex Muscleback irons to give golfers the confidence to play any type of shot whenever they need to. The high performance wide spaced grooves are built in to give golfers more control and consistent spin out of a variety of playing conditions.

Apex Muscleback irons made from 1020 Carbon steel for the softest feel. Callaway Golf also put sole of the club to optimize turf interaction from a variety of lies. The retail price will be $1,099.

Callaway Golf Muscleback Iron


Apex Utility Irons

Precision, versatility, better distance gapping, and forgiveness are all staples of these new additions to the Apex Family. If you are looking for looking a high technology alternative to hybrids or long irons, these are it.

Callaway Golf added so called speed technology to these Apex Utility Irons. Forged Face Cup helps create higher ball speeds all across the face to get the distance players are looking for out of these clubs. If this is not enough then the 455 Carpenter steel will also help to generate ball speed.

The retail price will be $229.

Callaway Golf apex-ut-iron-back-2014