New £2m coaching facility at Silvermere Golf Complex

By: September 3, 2014

Have you heard that Silvermere Golf Complex has just installed the industry-leading launch monitor technology in all of his dedicated fitting and coaching bays? 


The new coaching bays will contain Foresight Sports Game Changer 2 (GC2) with Head Measurement Technology (HMT). These tools are promised to provide ultimate accuracy of ball and club data, essential for the highest standards of club-fitting and coaching (see pictures below). 

Here are some figures of accuracy of the system:

  • Vertical launch angle: +/-0.2 degrees
  • Ball speed: +/-0.5 mph
  • Back spin: +/- 50.0 rpm
  • Side spin: +/- 50.0 rpm
  • Azimuth: +/- 1.0 degrees




One of the benefits of Foresight Sports' measurement solutions is that it can function also as a full-immersion indoor golf simulator, meaning customers can play, compete, or practise on a host of top courses from across the globe in their own private rooms .

Foreshight Sports is offering a money-back guarantee on the fitting cost of £40 if it fails to add 20 yards to a golfer's existing driver length.

At the same time, I would like to remind you that back in 2012 Nike Golf came out with a smart solution. They said that they will put in club heads a plurality of sensors for detecting one or more swing parameters. 

My point is that may be golf equipment manufacturers should invest in such performance measurement solutions. It could be a good differentiating factor when a golfer will want decide between to similar golf club.

It would be great to know why Nike Golf stopped this development process…

If you cannot go to Silvermere Golf Complex, then no worry. American Golf stores across the UK are to install Foresight Sports GC2 technology.