Preview: Big Bertha Irons with 360 Face Cup technology

By: September 24, 2014

Callaway Golf has just announced that the Big Bertha Irons will be upgraded by the new 360 Face Cup technology. This is not a new technology. Previously it was used for Callaway Golf's fairway woods and hybrids



Callaway Golf says that thanks to the 360 Face Cup technology we will be able to hit our balls "up to 2 clubs longer". What is interesting in this solution is when you hit the ball on the sweet spot, it's faster, but if you don't hit it on the sweet spot your ball still will be faster. The more flexible face provides in addition to ball speed it adds forgiveness too.

Callaway golf big bertha irons max-forgiveness

In absence of welded areas on the back of the face, the flexibility of the face can be controlled better in every part of it. This can provide us more forgiveness and distance.

Callaway golf big bertha 2014 advanced-look

Unfortunately the 360 Face Cup technology also has a drawback: price. So this is the reason for its relative scarcity in the US market.

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Hybrid 2014


Finally, both products will be available for purchase on and at retailers nationwide on October 17. The Big Bertha Irons’ new product introduction price is $999.99 (steel) and the Big Bertha Hybrids’ new product introduction price is $249.99. The Big Bertha Hybrid will be available in 3H-7H, is Callaway's first adjustable hybrid.