Callaway Golf establishes a new driver category

By: October 9, 2014

Callaway Golf really tries to pamper us. Sometimes I feel like it will be at the expense of learning how to swing correctly. To be honest who don't need an extra help?

On Tuesday Callaway Golf launched officially the new Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver and the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond driver. I hope they will contribute a lot to our golf experience and at the end of the day to golf courses' revenues. 

The Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver, designed for better players to maximize distance through extreme low spin. 

Both drivers will be available at US golf retailers and on Callaway Golf website on November 13, 2014. The Alpha 815 will be available for a new product introduction price of $449.99 (with 9°, 10.5° and 12° options), and the Alpha 815 DD will be available for a new product introduction price of $499.99 (with 9°, 10.5° options).

Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver

Callaway lowered the spin in the Alpha 815 driver to help maximize distance. They achieved this by using forged composite crown to save weight and added them to Callaway's patented Gravity Core for an adjustable Center of Gravity. See picture below that explain you better this innovation:



They provide the low spin with RMOTO Technology (I will explain this below). As a result of this the driver's face became lighter and thinner. This contributes to a more efficient energy transfer, high golf ball speed and forgiveness (thanks also to adjustability of the driver). 

RMOTO Technology provides the structure to save weight and allow for an ultra-thin face. This allows Callaway to produce a larger, more forgiving clubhead while maintaining a lighter swing weight and of course a lighter overall golf club weight (This is an insider information you will not find in Google).



Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond driver

What makes this version of Big Bertha Alpha 815 an "expert only" driver and different from Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver is a taller Gravity Core that enables us to tune our spin and launch conditions. I think players will enjoy the crown and shape of the deeper face. 


Other features worth to highlight are:

  • The previously mentioned RMOTO Technology saves over 3 grams of weight in the face.
  • Gravity Core: Callaway increased the vertical CG change to give us the right amount of spin to maximize our distance. The “up” is even more up and the “down” is even more down in the gravity core. 
  • Shafts: Aldila Rogue 60 or new Matrix Ozik Black Tie 70
  • Adjustable heel and toe weights (1g and 5g)
  • OptiFit Technology: the adjustable hosel enable us to choose from a combination of 8 different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral) configurations.