Who have the lightest adjustable drivers on the market?

By: November 4, 2014

Recently Wilson Staff came up with their new D200 family. Just like its competitors Wilson Staff would like to enable golfers to achieve more distance and accuracy. The new promise is that with The Right Light technology is able to create a powerful, balanced, solid-feeling and sounding golf club by optimally poisitioning the available mass.

The core idea behind The Right Light technology is golfer can swing faster if his golf club is lighter. Continuing this concept, higher golf ball speed will lead to more distance.

The rate of distribution of mass is not available at this moment. Wilson Staff believes they found the proper distiribution of mass among the head, shaft and grip to achieve the best pefromance.

Here is a sneak peek of the key features of the new D200 driver, woods, irons and hybrids. They will be available from 16th January, 2015.

Wilson D200 super light driver

D200 Drivers (MAP: $299.99)

With a total mass of just 268 grams, the D200 driver is one of the lightest and fastest adjustable drivers on the market. Callaway Golf's latest Big Bertha V Series driver is 290 grams. 

By using a chemically-etched crown Wilson was able to reduce weight. This solution increases the thickness toward the face for structural support and durability. 

SuperLight technology (achieved with a 189-gram head, a 44-gram UST Mamiya Elements Chrome shaft and a 25-gram Golf Pride Tour 25 grip) is in charge of bigger golf club head speed and maximum distance.

Each 6-way adjustable hosel features three loft and three draw settings to optimize both launch angle and left-to-right ball flight. 9.0o, 10.5o and 13.0o models are available in right hand and the 10.5 o head is available in left hand. 

D200 Fairway Woods (MAP: $249.99) 

Carpenter Custom 455 maraging steel face insert combined with The Right Light technology is facilitating to achieve greater distance even from rough. The premium Carpenter Custom 455 maraging stainless steel face insert creates a 20% thinner face (than any other type of steel), hot, high CT face for increased ball speeds and longer distances.

A 5% increase in face area, especially in the heel and toe areas, promotes forgiveness and improved ball speeds on off-center hits (see picture above).

3- (15.0o), 5- (18.0o) and 7-wood (21.0o) models are available in right hand and 3-(15.0o) and 5-wood (18.0o) models are available in left hand.

Wilson Staff_D200_Fairway Wood_3W_Hero


D200 Irons (MAP: $599.99 steel | $699.99 graphite)

Speed Sole technology removes weight from the face and bottom of the sole, and relocates it to heel and toe pads. This increases MOI for more stability and forgiveness.

Speed Sole Technology creates a thin face-to-sole transition, yielding a 234 CT and an increase in ball speed. What makes D200 irons interesting is actually what you cannot see, but here I can show you:



Set makeup consists of 4-PW/GW steel (R- and S- flex) or graphite (A-, R- and S- flexes) available in both right and left hand.

D200 Hybrids (MAP: $249.99)

More bulge (face curvature) in stronger-lofted heads transitions to flatter faces on weaker-lofted heads provide optimal gear effect and accuracy. A 59-gram UST Mamiya Elements Chrome graphite shaft or an 85-gram True Temper SL85 steel shaft allow golfers to increase club head speed for maximum distance.

2- (17 o), 3- (19.0 o), 4- (21.0 o), 5- (23.0 o), 6- (25.0 o) and 7-hybrid (27.0o) models are available in right hand and 3- (19.0 o), 4- (21.0 o) and 5-hybrid (23.0 o) models are available in left hand.

  Wilson Staff_D200_Hybrid_ToeDown