Callaway Golf’s Chrome Soft golf ball with 65 compression only

By: December 16, 2014

Callaway Golf has just announced today their new Chrome Soft golf ball. Chrome Soft is the only ball that has the new proprietary SoftFast Core with low compression (65) and the Tour Urethane cover (to control better the golf ball). This 65 compression is much lower than the typical 85-95 compression of traditional tour balls from Titleist and Bridgestone.

This new Callaway golf ball will definitely help people with slow swing (under 85mph). In case you have faster swing speed (e.g. 95mph+) then you will might need to recalibrate you irons.

Callaway Golf_chrome-soft-3-piece-tech-pms185

To avoid losing speed and resilience Chrome Soft is utilizing HEX Aerodynamics (check Callaway Golf HEX Chrome+ golf balls where this technology was first used). The grey layer (picture above) helps retaining the energy stored in the core.

Callaway Golf_chrome-soft-ball-side-2015

So Callaway Golf is facing a double challenge:

  • convince golfers that the low compression Chrome Soft golf ball will not lose speed neither resilience;
  • change the perception about soft balls.

Chrome Soft will be available at golf retailers nationwide and on on January 16, 2015 for $37.99 per dozen. This is really a value-for-money price. So Chrome Soft golf balls will be good for those golfers who want to feel a bit more premium and perform a little better around the greens.

Callaway Golf_chrome-soft-12-ball-box-2015