What is the source of extra speed in Callaway Golf XR product family?

By: January 16, 2015

Just before the start of the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Callaway Golf has just announced its new line of golf clubs the XR product family (XR Driver, XR Irons, XR Hybrids, XR Fairway woods). The new golf club line comes with some of the well-known technology solutions that can be found also in Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver (e.g. RMOTO Face Technology, OptiFit Technology) and Big Bertha V Series (e.g. OptiFit Technology).

As we could get used to it, Callaway Golf continues to focus on speed. In this nothing new. So let's see what are the changes and/or novelties in this line of golf clubs:

XR Driver

To aerodynamically optimized head shape enables us to avoid drag and increase ball speed. All this in a so called Speed Step Crown (see pictures below). I think Callaway Golf tried to optimize even better for aero efficiency. The RMOTO Face Technology enables energy efficient energy transfer all over the face plus puts the CG 17% lower. The new Project X LZ shaft also supports bigger energy transfer to the ball.

I will not introduce you the OptiFit Technology, but you can find it in the XR Driver just like in the Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver and Big Bertha V Series' driver. 

PAR: 2/20/15

Price: $349

Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 13.5°

XR Driver

XR Fairway Woods

The new Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup makes the face up to 36% thinner to boost golf speed. The face height is shallower vs. X2 Hot. To achieve bigger forgiveness Callaway Golf enlarged the sweet spot by 16%. By moving the weight low and forward with the new Internal Standing Wave, they achieved 20% lower CG, 200 rpm less spin and even more ball speed.

Callaway Golf XR_FairwayWood_THE-FACE

Callaway Golf XR Fairway Wood

PAR: 2/20/15

Price: $229

Lofts: 15°, 17°, 19°, 21°, 23°, 25°

XR Hybrids

What's new in Callaway XR Hybrids?

  • redesigned head shape to reposition weight. This creats more forgiveness and a CG 46% lower than X2 Hot.
  • the re-engineered Internal Standing Wave provides a refined way to increase MOI and still give the face cup the freedom to flex for more ball speed.

Callaway Golf XR Hybrid inside

And finally the XR Irons

  • Improved face cup
  • Internal Standing Wave for the same reasons as in XR hybrids, fairway woods (2nd picture below);
  • This 2-piece construction includes a dual heat treatment. It’s a precise, meticulous craftsmanship that brings a different level of refinement and attention (3rd picture below).

Callaway Golf XR Irons_inside

Callaway Golf XR Irons_inside_2

Callaway Golf XR Irons_inside_3