Martin Hall partners with Srixon and Cleveland Golf

By: February 15, 2015

I think I don't have to introduce you Martin Hall the famed golf instructor and author. Hall, a former competitor on the European Tour, has over 30 years of experience as a golf professional and is currently the head teaching professional at Ibis, located in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Hall is also, a nominee for the 2015 World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, is also the host of a weekly show on the Golf Channel called School of Golf.

The good news for Srixon and Cleveland Golf is that Martin Hall is joining their professional staff. I hope that Dave Pelz will stay with Cleveland Golf.

Martin Hall Pic

His other achievements are:

  • 2008 PGA National Teacher of the Year, Florida Chapter Teacher of the Year,and Florida Section Teacher of the Year.
  • Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher since the listing began in 1996,
  • Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher since their listing began in 2000. 
  • Currently the 10th ranked instructor in the country, is also a Master Professional of the PGA of Great Britain.