David Leadbetter shows new technique how to attract more golfers – part 2

By: March 15, 2015

As I promised on Friday, today Benedict Riches, CMO of David Leadbetter Academy continues to explain why is it good for golfers and golf business David Leadbetter's A Swing solution.

Creating innovative new approaches to golf instruction are important to the growth of our business. We are not looking for the next quick swing fix but believe with the A Swing we have a sustainable platform to boost revenue streams as well as drive traffic to our network of Academies.

Golfers will be able to take A Swing lessons at any of the Leadbetter Golf Academies, as well as buy an instructional book and training aids released in May 2015. There will also be a series of videos and the ability to take virtual lessons from anywhere in the world.


From a marketing perspective the challenge we face is part awareness and part education. Golf instruction is generally too complicated and often contradictory so our aim is to not only simplify the swing but how the game is fundamentally taught. If we achieve that the book and associated products will be a success.

Making the game easier for people to learn is the sole focus of David Leadbetter Golf. Listening to our students needs and adapting to how golfers want to learn the game is vitally important. We teach a number of junior golfers and understand they consume information in a different way to a more senior golfer.

We have to adapt our communication style to suit the student without compromising the level of instruction they receive. That’s why Leadbetter Instructors go through a series of re-certification programs each year to maintain these high standards.

We are in the process of expanding our Academies to 4 new markets this year and with programs like the A Swing we hope we can bring a new generation of golfers to the sport and help existing players to fall in love with the game again. In the world’s most complex sport we believe simplicity is the best path to success.