Review: Galvin Green – Gear Up mobile application

By: March 29, 2015

Do you remember Puma Golf's Stylecaddie mobile application from 2013? Their aim was to promote the Puma 2013 Spring/Summer Collection.

In some respect, I think Galvin Green learnt from the Puma Golf example when they created their Gear Up mobile application by enabling prospects/customers to find their local store in certain European countries (cca. 18 countries) + USA + Canada. Unfortunately you can find only 6 European countries' golf clubs (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden) + Canada and the US.


Other useful in the Gear Up mobile application is that there is some interaction between the user and the mobile app. I would not say it is a good engagement mechanism, but it is more than nothing. 

Namely, after you selected where and when would you like to play the application sends you a push notification (you can select either SMS or email alert) that reminds you which outfit from Galvin Green Collection fits to the weather. What I also like is that you can invite people to play and share your experience via Facebook or Twitter.

Apparently Galvin Green tries to provide an added value service its customers, but it is obvious and clear that Gear Up mobile application is more about the business interests and less about the customer needs. Just some of the menus of the app: men's and women's collection, multi-layer concept, Galvin Green News. Other big question is this a single project or it will have a sequel/continuation?

At this moment I don't find any particular reason why shall I use it frequently. Why do I need another weather forecast app? If I want to see their new collection I visit either their brand site or their Facebook page. To my great surprise they do not have Pinterest page nor YouTube brand channel.