What are the pitfalls of Lee Westwood’s mobile app?

By: May 21, 2015

Lee Westwood Official Masterclass mobile application is not totally new to the market. It was launched last year with a soft launch since it was not fully functional.

What makes unique Lee Westwood's mobile application is that it is utilizing a new form of augmented reality (=Ultra Reality; provided by 2mee Technology). 2mee solution enables golfers to appear (in this case) next to Lee Westwood and compare their posture, movements and swing planes. With the overlay function you can outline Lee’s swing on top of yours to see differences in posture and movement.

The app works with different clubs and swing strengths while there are also club recommendations and additional coaching from other PGA professionals.


Lee Westwood's Masterclass mobile app is available now on iPhone 5+ devices, running iOS 7 or above for £2.99.

What are the pitfalls of Lee Westwood Official MasterClass mobile app?

  • without a partner you will not be able to shoot a video about you;
  • the application does not show the actual ball flight;
  • business model – I would prefer the freemium model to attract more users and would consider in-app purchase to sell more trainings.
  • size: 139 Mbyte
  • battery consumption: it is questionable how long can you use the app
  • lack of engagement mechanism. I have not found any feature that would encourage users to use this mobile app frequently.