Swing Catalyst found a UK distributor

By: June 5, 2015

Optimum Golf Technologies will be the distributor of Swing Catalyst in the UK and DACH – German-speaking nations.

Swing Catalyst's Balance Plate technology is comprising more than 2,000 high-resolution pressure sensors, it provides a range of critical data including detailed foot pressure analysis, accurate pressure distribution, real-time centre of pressure (CoP) mapping, and CoP patterns, none of which can be seen by the best-trained eye or even the highest-speed cameras.

Swing Catalyst -GolferBelowWithFootPrints_1

Its latest studio software is unique, in that it integrates all the major analysis technologies within the same piece of tuition software. Swing Catalyst's technology range can be integrated into any indoor swing studio, golf simulator or used on the practice range. I would use Swing Catalyst with TrackMan

Balance plate w_carpet