Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges

By: July 7, 2015

Callaway has just launched its new Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges. Their promise is that the MD3 Milled Wedges have the versatility and selection for every shot, every course condition, and every swing. What a brave statement! 

  • Available Lofts: 46*, 48*, 50*, 52*, 54*, 56*, 58*, 60*
  • Pricing: $129.99
  • Product At Retail Date (nationwide): September 4, 2015.

Callaway Golf md3-c-grind-face-2015-004

The new wedge line is leveraging 3 unique grinds (S-Grind, C-Grind and the new W-Grind). The so called Progressive Groove Optimization system that optimizes spin for each loft. This enables us to adjust our wedges to our game. 

Callaway Golf md3-w-grind-face-black-2015-004

W-Grind – is ideal for all types of bunkers. Callaway Golf recommends this version for those who play in softer conditions or want to come in with a steep angle to the ball.  

S-Grind – it is for quite general usage. It’s great for a wide range of conditions (normal, soft or firm), shot types, and swings (moderate to sweeping attack angles). 

C-Grind – it is for firmer conditions and versatility around the green. 

Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges

Can you tell me the difference between Mack Daddy PM-Grind wedges and these ones? Can we say that the new Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges are the advanced version of Mack Daddy PM-Grind wedges?