Wilson Golf’s “Driver vs. Driver” crowdsourcing campaign is coming

By: July 21, 2015

Couple of years ago I asked why don't we have crowdsourcing campaigns and project among well established golf equipment brands like Callaway Golf. I still think that it is an untapped source of growth and tactic for content marketing (good examples: P&G's Connect+Develop; Lego's Mindstorms).

To utilize the power of crowdsourcing Wilson Golf launches a new television show called Driver vs. Driver.” This show, scheduled to air on Golf Channel in Fall 2016, is being created to open the door for valuable insights, generate buzz around the brand and to enhance customer engagement with the Wilson Golf brand.  

Wilson Golf Driver crowdsourcing campaign

To enter, individuals and/or teams need to submit a short video on their concept, why they think it can work as the next driver innovation, and a brief synopsis of who they are.  Entries can be submitted at www.wilson.com/drivervsdriver.  The deadline for entries is 11:59 PM CT, August 15, 2015.

A set number of contestant concepts will go through prototyping and vigorous testing within Wilson Labs and the individuals and/or teams will work alongside the Company’s engineers and designers to refine the concept until a winner is determined.

The winner of the contest will get $500,000 grand prize and an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Wilson Golf’s Wilson Labs innovation team of engineers and designers. The winner's concept will be a Wilson Staff 2017 branded driver and it sold at golf shops around the country (=US). 

What can Wilson Golf to maximize its "Driver vs. Driver" crowdsourcing campaign?

  • Give participant a common place they can gather so they feel connected in a meaningful way. It can your intranet page, Facebook page.
  • We should have an end-to-end process for it.
  • enable two-way communication –> also listen what they say + answer to questions!
  • be transparent;
  • Putting yourself in their shoes so you can communicate clearly.