Honma Golf arrives to iPlayGolfUK

By: August 11, 2015

Honma Golf found an interesting venue to present and sell its golf clubs. From now on, we will be able to test or even buy Honma Golf’s golf clubs at iPlayGolfUK. Mathieu Humel, a Honma Golf expert from Paris trained the local PGA professionals about what makes Honma Golf unique (e.g. hand-crafted).



It is an interesting opportunity to compare Honma Golf with other premium brands likeCallaway Golf, Titleist or TaylorMade. However, Honma Golf should look for more exclusive places (e.g. private golf clubs) to provide a more suitable context to its golf clubs even though iPlayGolfUK is a good place.

Honma golf clubs in the ultimate 5 Star specification can cost over £75,000, with individual clubs costing almost £6,000 apiece. Sets of Honma irons start at £1,130,Honma woods start at £400 apiece, and individual iron clubs including putters and wedges start at just £195.