KING LTD Driver is returning with aerospace technology

By: August 18, 2015

It looks like there is a retro feeling in the golf industry. Wilson Staff 88002 putter returned after 52 years in 2014 and most recently Callaway Golf’s Great Big Bertha.

Now Cobra Golf is introducing the new KING LTD driver. It is the next generation of product under the KING COBRA name. The KING LTD is a brand new flagship offering. Cobra Golf reassures that the KING LTD isn’t a replacement for anything in the current Cobra lineup.




Cobra Golf together with The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and Nanoracks LLC conducted in the International Space Station a material science research. What Cobra Golf implemented from the findings in the new KING LTD driver are:


  • SpacePort window that is incorporated into the sole of the driver. This interesting feature is locked in place by the use of Spiralock thread technology. A great advantage of this technology is the ability to withstand high vibrations and loads during impact without over tightening or loosening.
  • The SpacePort system consists of a 16-gram Aerospace grade Aluminium dual-purpose weightand translucent port system. This enables us to see the internal driver technology: 811 Titanium E9 Face, Low CG Hosel, andTextreme Carbon Fiber Crown (this is the 1st time when Cobra Golf is using this material, before that he used carbon fiber crowns; it is 20% strongerthan the carbon fiber crown; see picture below).
  • Thanks to the The Port there was is no need for Hot Melt Glue + saved 4 grams.
  • The Port also allows final swing-weight tuning, with 0-12g Tungsten weight, at time of build to precisely fit the golfer.




We can find 28 grams of discretionary weight (Callaway Golf in the Great Big Bertha driver is using a 10g sliding weight on the perimeter of the clubhead to add stability.) strategically positioned in and around the Port perimeter positioning theCenter of Gravity low and to the back of the clubhead (=higher ball speed and higher launch angles + lower spin). There is nothing novel in this positioning. By the way, this is the lowest Center of Gravity on the driver market today.

We can find 4 internal technologies in the new KING LTD driver:

  1. crown is ultra-light TeXtreme Carbon composite (20% lighter than a standard carbon fiber crown; also used in the aerospace industry);
  2. A thin, lightweight 811 titanium face with next generation E9 zoning removes 10 grams from the face structure.
  3. The hosel structure has been lowered which also contributes to lowering the CG of the club head.
  4. The body is constructed of lightweight 811 titanium with an optimized variable thickness sole incorporating a back weight port and 12 gram tungsten weight.

The KING LTD driver is available in:

  • 5 lofts – 9°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°,  and 12°and three draw settings – 9.5°D, 10.5°D  and 11.5°D.

The KING LTD PRO is also available in:

  • 5 lofts – 7.0°, 7.5°, 8.5°, 9.5°, and 10° and three fade settings: 7.5°F, 8.5°F, 9.5°F.

Both options are equipped with an Aldila Rogue Black 60g graphite shaft and Lamkin UTX/KING LTD grip. A variety of custom shafts are also available.
Availability for KING LTD and KING LTD PRO begins in the US in early November at a suggested retail price of $449.