How hard it is to find Kentwool golf socks?

By: September 16, 2015

I must admit that I have not come across with Kentwool golf socks (although they claim that they are the “World’s Best Golf Sock”. They have been manufacturing “World’s Best Golf Sock” since 2008.). At my recent purchase I bought FootJoy ProDry golf socks. So it is interesting to discover an unknown golf socks brand.

Kentwool is expanding the color offerings in its popular Men’s Tour Profile socks model, with a new Game Day Collection. 14 color versions (see below my favorite model) will be available. Kentwool’s Men’s Tour Profile socks come with Super Fine Merino Wool and other natural and high-tech performance fibers.

Kentwool’s solution to friction, abrasion and muscle fatigue reduction is the WINDspun technology. This is said to enhance energy levels and comfort.

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What I do not understand why Kentwool is not available in the web store of,,, The largest selection I found it on 38 models. A more modest selection is available on

I would not neglect the option to develop a mobile application that facilitates online shopping. They should come up with a compelling list of ‘reasons to believe” to prove the justification of their price tag (cca. $20).