Wilson Staff catches up to the latest driver trend

By: October 12, 2015

Last week Wilson Staff announced its new Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 line of woods that will be available from January 2016. They have already tested it by tour players like Kevin Streelman. F stands for Feel in Wilson Staff’s F-C-D (Feel-Control-Distance) system.

It seems like the Chicago based company tries to hit back to the competition and regain its glory. The first step was the launch of the D200 (I consider it as a game improvement golf club line) and then the 2014 series of players woods, the M3 line. With the launch of Wilson Staff FG Tour F5, the company is finally entering into the players’ driver market.

Check out the details below…


Just like the competitors, Wilson Staff is not niggardly with buzzwords such as Fast Fit technology, Reactive Face technology, F-C-D Player Profiling System. Each of the FG Tour F5 fairway woods and hybrids embodies Fast Fit technology. To improve our convenience they provide probably the fastest, easiest and one of the lightest adjustable hosel systems (=Fast Fit Technology) for quick fitting changes.

FG Tour F5 Drivers (MAP: $379.99)

The FG Tour F5 driver (see picture above) is offered in two lofts, each featuring six loft settings and three adjustable sole weights to allow players to attain their ideal launch angle, ball speed and spin rate. An interchangeable weight placed low and close to the face decreases spin while maintaining an optimal launch for maximum distance.

The Reactive Face is in charge to  maximize response and ball speeds at every spot on the face. Thanks to the chemically-etched crown, we will be able to put the gained weight where it is crucial in the head. Thus we can lower center of gravity and increase the moment of inertia (MOI). The F5 has 3 interchangeable weights (3, 7, 11 grams – the 7 gram weight is factory installed) for the low/forward weight port.

Wilson Staff director of R&D Michael Vrska said “…most players, about 60-65%, will swing fastest with the 7 gram option…”.


FG Tour F5 Fairway Woods (MAP: $229.99)

A Carpenter Custom 455 maraging steel face and Fast Fit technology lead to maximum distance and optimized ball flight in the FG Tour F5 fairway woods.  3 loft models are available, each including a 6-way adjustable hosel for precise ball trajectory. The interchangeable weight is placed low and close to the face.


FG Tour F5 Hybrids (MAP:$209.99 )

The premium Carpenter Custom 455 maraging stainless steel face insert creates a thin, hot, high CT face for increased ball speeds and longer distances (see picture above). 17o, 20.0o and 23.0o, models, each with 3 loft and 3 upright lie settings are available in right hand and 20.0o, and 23.0o models are available in left hand.