Is the new Nike RZN golf ball a game savior?

By: January 7, 2016

Did you know that Nike Golf launched its first golf ball in 1999? A Couple of years ago I wrote about a rumour that Bridgestone Golf makes the Nike Golf balls. Ever since then, none of the parties has confirmed or denied this gossip.

Early this week, Nike Golf announced the new version of RZN Tour and RZN Speed golf balls. The previous Nike RZN was launched in 2014 with Speedlock technology.

Just like many of its competitors’ golf balls, RZN Tour ball is engineered to feel soft without sacrificing distance as well. RZN Tour is ideal for those golfers who have a fast swing and never slice or hook and able to control their backspin. It follows that RZN Speed golf ball is more for average golfers.

What can we find in RZN Tour golf ball?

Featuring a 4-piece urethane cover design, the RZN Tour golf ball utilises 4 key components (see picture below): RZN 4.0, Speedlock X-Core, Speedlock Mantle and Flight Suit Cover. These combined technologies are supposed to add extra distance and softer feel in comparison with the previous RZN Black and RZN Platinum.

Made with the newest iteration of RZN material, RZN 4.0, the blue center core is not only softer but also 10% bigger than the previous generation. This gives the ball what amounts to a bigger engine, thus unlocking faster ball speeds.

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Other interesting features of the Nike Golf RZN Tour golf ball are:

  • Speedlock X technology: It features deeper grooves and an X-shaped surface pattern, which creates 26% more surface area than the former generation to allow better energy transfer through the ball;
  • To achieve longer ball flight: 344 dimples and 13,558 micro dimples.

The RZN Tour ball will be available in two versions: Black for lower-spin distance and Platinum for mid-spin control. Both the RZN Tour and RZN Speed golf balls (3-piece golf ball with Speedlock X-Core technology) will be available on January 22 at and January 29 at select retailers.

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