Is the Sony Open victory a living proof for Lamkin?

By: January 19, 2016

This post could have been solely about the victory of Lamkin at the latest Sony Open, where Lamkin brand ambassador Brandt Snedeker (earned $626,400; was equipped with Lamkin Crossline grips) in the playoff lost out on Fabian Gomez.

In my previous post about Nippon Shaft, I have already pushed the envelope of content marketing usage in a B2B environment. I think Lamkin  and others as well, should avoid the usage of one-way and company/brand focused communication and put instead customers’ needs in focus and facilitate conversations with customers and business partners. The new kind of communication has a clear impact on engagement with the brand and the company.


How could Lamkin do differently its B2B content marketing?

  1. Cooperate with your company’s advocates (customers, partners, and even employees). These people can bring you fresh ideas (help you even in content creation) and great impact on the quality, volume and results of your content marketing. They can help you even in content distribution in their social networks. Therefore, let’s move beyond just enabling classic review writing and social sharing! Enabling commenting on content on your websites is still imperative.
  2. Put your internal experts (not just Robert Lamkin, President & CEO!) in the spotlight to amplify their knowledge and turn them into thought leaders. This can also help to connect content with customer service as well. Their answers can be easily used also as answers of a Q&A or as a testimonial on your website. Such recognition can also boost your colleagues’ motivation in your company.
  3. Turn your brands into media companies. You’ve got the deepest insights and flexibility that media companies cannot afford & will not have. So let’s maximize it!
  4. To understand the content trends, you should engage with them.
  5. Don’t write about the same thing over-and-over. Try to approach that important topic from a fresh angle that will distinguish your content as great.
  6. Answer prospects TOP3 questions: Why you? Why now? and Why change? (generate an ‘aha’ moment by providing industry insights that help them realize what their competitors are experiencing).

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