What happens when you have a supersized golf grip?

By: January 28, 2016

Today, I have decided to ‘move up’ on the shaft of the putter to show you an interesting, supersized golf grip. I know that one of the drawbacks of a thicker golf grip is that the golfer will not get the same level of feeling of a standard grip as the vibrations will not come up. So the question how to use thicker golf grip without sacrifices.

What a difference can make Golf Pride’s new TOUR SNSR Series?

The new TOUR SNSR Series features a soft-tuned rubber formulation (2x softer than other Golf Pride grips) that gives these grips a special feeling and encourages a lighter grip pressure that golfers seek in creating a smooth and controlled stroke.  Golf Pride offers 2 Tour proven shapes, the TOUR SNSR CONTOUR and the TOUR SNSR STRAIGHT. Each shape is available in two oversize options, 104cc and 140cc.

TOUR SNSR CONTOUR is the shape preference of over 75% of Tour players. It has a pistol countur that helps lock-in grip for repeatable putting and a wider paddle front (also in TOUR SNSR STRAIGHT).  The TOUR SNSR Series will be available at retail in April and feature a street price of $24.99.

I would like to note quietly, it would be smart to better utilize video micro-moments by updating as-frequently-as possible the YouTube brand channel (the “latest” Golf Pride video was uploaded 4 (!!!) month ago). Online video viewers are watching videos mainly to learn, explore, research or simply find an answer to the question “what to do”. Therefore, we should find those moments when our customers/prospect needs intersect with our goals.