What is like a carefree golf polo?

By: February 17, 2016

Probably one of the most popular topics is social media is a demand for relaxed golf attire (for this phrase we can find 720,000 results in Google) and dress code. Some people demand it because the classic golf attire makes their golf game more formal than pleasant. Others think it is one of the obstacles to growing the game. If you ask me, I prefer the elegant but relaxed golf attire (e.g. Royal & Awesome). For the same reason, I welcomed the initiative of The Shire London that allows golfers to wear jeans in their clubhouse. It is more than nothing isn’t it.

This is why I was interested in how Nike Golf can find a design solution that is appealing to traditionalists and Millennials at the same.

The Nike Golf polos are coming with modern cuts and collars that can be adjusted to our personal needs. We can select from 3 options: blade (lightweight, Dri-FIT fabric, ergonomic design; see picture below), roll (Dri-FIT fabric, polished roll collar) and classic.


Although it is a tights, I cannot afford not to mention also Nike Golf Hyperwarm tights. If you are a runner as well then this can be familiar to you since the idea of Hyperwarm tights is from runners’ tights. They are designed to enhance movement with a compression feel, regulate body temperature and provide an extra layer of warmth, the Nike tights are made with a high-stretch Dri-FIT fabric that helps keep athletes dry.

There’s no getting away, we are becoming more athletic or, at least, in appearance. Together with Nike Golf 360 mobile app nothing can separate golf from those sports that are considered to be athletic. At the same, Nike Golf should come up with a wearable app as well.

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