What is the secret of the lowest CG Callaway driver?

By: March 15, 2016

It seems like that the Center of Gravity in Callaway Golf‘s drivers is going lower and lower. The soon to be released XR 16 Sub Zero driver is going to have the lowest Center of Gravity that Callaway Golf has ever engineered in a driver.

It is a good news for golfers (not me) with high swing speeds that generate a lot of spins can use the extremely low spin Sub-Zero to drive the ball even farther. One of the new elements in the XR 16 Sub Zero driver is the Carbon Triax Crown. This is Callaway Golf’s lowest carbon crown. The great benefit of the new carbon crown is the ability to redistribute weight below the neutral axis.

Other new feature of the XR 16 Sub Zero driver is the 2 interchangeable weights in the head (10g and 2g) to fine tune the launch and spin you need to maximize distance.  Callaway is offering also 20 premium aftermarket shafts for us to choose from without any extra cost.

Other useful information:

  • Available Loft: 9.5* (right-handed only)
  • Clubhead volume: 440cc
  • Price: $449.99
  • At retail: 4/15/2016