What will be like Sunderland of Scotland’s 2017 collection?

By: July 18, 2016

Sunderland of Scotland has just unveiled its new collection for Spring Summer 2017 (see examples at the end of this post). The new collection of Sunderland of Scotland comes with a variety of vibrant colors and incorporates technologically advanced fabrics and construction techniques and lifetime waterproof guarantees.

Azure Storm is the new color story for the Men’s SS17 collection.

Rainwear: the s.Quebec Jacket has been engineered for ultimate movement during play, it incorporates 4-way stretch panels located on high impact zones across the upper back and around the arms holes.

The coordinating s.Vancouver Quebec trouser has added features to optimize functionality such as anti – abrasion protective tape at the hem, fleece lined hand warming pocket bags and contemporary trims such as bonded ankle adjusters, ‘s’ logo lockdown zip pullers and Gunmetal toggle trims.

Windwear: the s.Breckenridge half sleeve option boasts highly windproof and shower resistant 4-way stretch fabric whilst being ultra-lightweight and quiet for minimum restriction and interruption.

Coldwear: the s.Vermont Padded Gilet looks particularly strong in Black with Azure Blue performance stretch side panels and stretch binding detail around the hem and armholes for ease of movement.

Cherry Sky is the new color story for Ladies’ inspired by trend forecasts for active performance sportswear Cherry is the must have color for 2017.

I think retail experience is not less important than product design and materials. Actually, a bad in-store experience can deter potential customers from shopping.

How could Sunderland of Scotland provide better retail experience?

  1. Interactive dressing rooms are able to identify each item a customer brings in through a sensor that recognizes a code from a RFID tag attached to each garment or accessory. The dressing room mirrors are equipped with four different light settings, enabling customers to view their look at different times of day depending upon the event they are shopping for. Customers can call for a sales associate in their dressing room without having to leave, requesting another size or color of an item.
  2. Smart shelves: by the embedded sensors, the system will alert the store employees when inventory is low. It’s also helping to change prices in real time.
  3. Social showrooming: encourage customers to share the picture of the product they intend to buy or bought on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc. and reward them for the best picture.
  4. QR codes
  5. Using store windows to demo products & engage consumers to come inside.
  6. Augmented reality: It’s a good way to enhance the in-store experience and appeal to mobile users, though you do need customers to download the app first.
  7. Beacons:  where loyalty can be rewarded and local experience is essential (e.g. pro shops) and can be augmented via mobile engagement. So the usage of beacon technology is not just about products and offers, but also to improve customer service and loyalty.

Sunderland of Scotland